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Sherlock enables trust and transparency in the areas that fit the needs of your project, through simple and easily deployable modules.


Relevant data of modules are shared, per project, to only the peers whom it is relevant to while ensuring confidential data is kept private at all times.

Sherlock Dash - 0.png
  • Unique domain access to your own Sherlock environment;

  • Single point access to manage your smart contracts, resources, and devices;

  • 99.9% uptime

  • Consolidated dashboard view;

  • Key project information across all your smart contracts, modules & devices.

Sherlock Dash - 01.png
Sherlock Dash - 02.png
  • Real-time, consolidated time and attendance data;

  • Linked to a mobile biometric device;

  • Rule-based shift times & calculations;

  • Real-time Profit & Loss reporting.

  • Health and Safety records linked to an individual through biometric proof-of-presence;

  • Rule-based management in accordance with Health Standards;

  • Auditable records of all required Health and Safety events.

Sherlock Dash - 03.png
Sherlock Dash - 04.png
  • Activity monitoring linked to GPS location & proof-of-presence;

  • Track and trace of activity start and end locations;

  • Rule-based signoff across all participants;

  • Real-time Profit & Loss;

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