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Sherlock membership and module pricing

Affordable enterprise-grade blockchain platform for any size business

We make it easy for you to start,
and scale up as Sherlock continues to add more value



Tier 1 Member

  • Own Peer

  • Unique sub-domain

  • 99.9% uptime

$ 360.00 per month

10% off if paid annually


Tier 2 Member

  • Own Peer

  • Unique sub-domain

  • 99.9% uptime

  • 20% discount on Pay-per-Use products

  • 24/7 support

$ 2 160.00 per month

15% off if paid annually


Tier 3 Member

  • Only available to 50 members

  • Own PeerUnique sub-domain

  • 99.9% uptimeLifetime use of all Sherlock products

  • 24/7 support

  • Own logo and branded user-interface

  • Dedicated development, customizing, integrating and improving your contracts

  • Share in the commercialisation of customized contracts

$ 10 000.00 per month

20% off if paid annually

Out-of-the-box modules

Time and Attendance

Activity Monitoring

  • Biometric Clock-in & Clock-Out

  • Daily logs

  • Actual vs Billable conversion

  • Reporting

  • Real-time tracking of activities

  • Linked to IoT edge devices

  • Smart sign-off rules amongst all participants

$ 1.00

per user per month

$ 1.00

per activity

Statutory equipment

Distributed Document Storage

  • Immutable record keeping of all equipment on a project

  • Certification upload and linking

  • Expiry tracking and notification

  • Immutable document link

  • Accurate version controlling

  • Distributed file storage

$ 0.10

per item per month

Health and Safety

  • Biometric proof-of-presence of all required safety events

  • Medical Certificate upload and linking with expiry notifications

$ 0.50

per user per month

Claims - Invoices - PO

  • Automated claim creation

  • Smart sign-off rules amongst all participants

  • Reconciled PO reduction

  • Payment instruction creation

Custom contract creation & integrations

Smart contracts take on a vast array of forms with a magnitude of different systems that need integrating. Our team of experienced blockchain and integration engineers are equipped to deploy specific fit-for-purpose smart contracts and integrate them with most currently running systems and improve current processes with as little disruption as possible.


Contact us to provide a custom quote for the contracts connected to your peer and integrated to your current workflows and systems.

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